Wednesday, November 17, 2010

There will be more of Nick and Angel in the sequel Ties that Bind.

     Nick’s shooting made the six o’clock news, that was how Angel had kept track of him over the last five years. It was the price he paid for having a celebrity lover. His injury sounded life threatening and the media reported Kathy was flying back from Africa to be at his side. She paced around the room nervously. There so was little time for her to see him. Even if the Hollywood whore wasn’t there yet, she was certain Jack would be.
     They flashed the picture of Nick and Kathy on the red carpet and her breath caught in her throat. His dark wavy hair was the perfect length and the beard she always hated was gone. As incredible as he looked on TV, it was nothing compared to how he looked in person. His smell, his taste were permanently burned into her memory and not even his death could take those from her. Her body ached for his touch and her heart broke at the thought of him dying. There were so many things she wanted to tell him, needed to tell him. She hurried out of the house, Jack Marler and Kathy Tyler be damned. If he was going to die, she was going to see him one last time.
     Angel sat in the chair next to his bed and sobbed softly as she held his hand. He was so pale and still. The only thing that gave her hope was the steady rhythm of his breathing and the monitors at his bed side. She didn’t have much time to spend with him. Jack would be back soon to keep his bedside vigil and it wouldn’t be long before Kathy made her obligatory appearance. She’d never hated anyone in her life more than Kathy Tyler, except for that bastard she called father. Kathy Tyler had ruined her happy life and taken Nick from her. Someday she’d find a way to make her pay.
     Angel pressed his hand to her lips. “I love you.” Bending down she kissed his cheek. She had waited so long to say those words again, it didn’t matter he was unable to hear them. Nick’s hand twitched and his eyes opened; those beautiful eyes that always saw into her soul.
     “Angel,” his voice so faint she could hardly hear.
     He said her name. After all these years he said her name. “I’ll always love you, Nick,” she said louder. He squeezed her hand and closed his eyes. Angel wiped the tears from her face and smiled. He hadn’t forgotten her.

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