Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nature of the Beast

    When the doors open at the Star Light Casino, a serial killer turns it into his hunting ground. The challenge of two unsolved murders and a chance at a fresh start prompts maverick cop Nick Dempsey, to leave L. A. and his actress girlfriend Kathy Tyler behind. This lone wolf must learn to be a team player when he takes the job of sheriff.
    After a one night stand with her ex-husband, Kathy follows Nick to Minnesota.Tempers flare when Kathy arrives in Brody to find Nick has taken a new lover, Angie Reynolds, a beauty nearly half his age. Fearing for Kathy safety Nick moves her into his house. Kathy finds herself a new playmate in Nick's Deputy Ben. Nick and Kathy struggle with their strained relationship as they both date other people.
    As Brody celebrates Heritage Days, Nick has his hands full with a town full  tourists, a serial killer and two angry girlfriends. Victim number three is found alive but lapses into a coma before she can identify her attacker. Deputy Russ Thompson conceals a clue from the crime scene, then struggles with his decision to remain silent about what he found.
    A violent storm descends on Brody putting everyone's nerves on edge. When both women turn up missing, Nick must use all his skills to figure out who the killer is before one of his women becomes the next victim.

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