Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nature of the Beast - Nick and Kathy

    He wasn’t sure exactly where he fit into her life. He was merely the stud in her stable always ready and willing to service her when she returned. The geniuses at work told him to be happy with what he had. The woman every man wanted. His raven-haired beauty had a smile that could melt stone as well as a man’s heart. Thoughts of her filled his days and the pain of wanting her filled his nights; but the pain she caused him was nothing compared to the peace he found in her arms.

   Nick woke with a start; he reached over to Kathy’s side of the bed wanting to recapture some of the previous night’s magic. Her side was cold and empty. His heart skipped a beat, she was gone. Nick made it to the window in time to see her red Ferrari headed down the driveway. Once again she slipped away like a thief in the night stealing pieces of his heart and soul, leaving him a little emptier each time she left. She was gone again, back to the spotlight and the career he had learned to despise. They were a couple of mismatched misfits who seemed unable to get their act together. Maybe their love was nothing more than an illusion, nothing more than a case of over active hormones. He had asked her time and again to trust him but the fear and pain of past betrayals always stood between them. Nick was beyond angry, incensed was more accurate in describing his feelings. An uncontrollable rage was building inside him. He remembered his mother’s words of wisdom. “Take a deep breath and count to ten.” Nick got to five before he lost it. “Damn you, Kathy,” he screamed. His hand balled into a fist and struck out at the only thing in front of him, the wall. “Oh Christ,” he groaned, pulling his throbbing hand from the hole in the wall. He took his bruised hand and ego down to the kitchen for ice and coffee.

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