Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nature of the Beast-Nick and Angie...decisions...decisions

   “Thanks,” Nick said, nodding and smiling. He didn’t realize his intentions were that obvious. Angie walked out of the kitchen, his food in hand; she was already in her street clothes. She was breathtaking and he wanted her. There was something about this place. He felt stronger, more alive than he had in years. It must be all the red meat and fresh air.
   “I’ll see you later, Sheriff, Rose will take care of you. Enjoy your meal.” She put his food down and turned to leave.
   “Do you want to join me?" He didn't know what to do or say. All he knew was he didn't want her to leave. "We could split the burger. Rose said something about a full moon.” Maybe that’s what was wrong with him. Maybe the full moon was making him lose his senses.
   “I’d like that,” she said. She got a plate and poured herself a Coke and rejoined him at the table. He sliced the burger in half and put it on her plate with some of the fruit.
   “Thanks,” she said. They ate in a comfortable silence. Angie cleaned her plate and finished off her Coke. It was refreshing to see a woman eat real food. Nick reached in his pocket for his wallet.
   “Don’t even think about it, sheriff,” Angie insisted.
   “What about a tip? The  service was a little questionable. I never did get a refill on my Coke,” Nick teased.
   “Ha, Ha,” she said, wrinkling that perfect nose of hers at him.
   They waved good bye to Tom and Rose and headed for the park. Veterans Park sat lake side. It was stunning with roses, fruit trees, lilacs and a sandy beach for swimming. Angie led Nick through the park to the waterfront swings. The smell from the flowers was overwhelming. The sun was starting to set, turning the sky a rosy red accentuated by streaks of blue. They sat down and the old swing squeaked and creaked in response.
   “It’s a beautiful night,” Nick said, looking over at Angie.
   “Yeah, we deserve it. We had a terrible winter. They’ve been pretty mild lately and we sure paid for it. We’ll have to get you some clothes for the cold.”
   “Isn’t it a little early to be worried about that?” Nick asked confused.
   “This is Minnesota, it could snow tomorrow.”
   “Yeah, right,” Nick chided.
   “I’m not joking, it could snow tomorrow,” Angie said sternly.
   “Great.” Nick threw himself back on the swing and whacked his head. Angie looked at him and giggled.
   “You’ll get used to it,” she assured him.
   “Somehow I don’t think so,” he replied. The moon was rising and a cool breeze blew off the lake. Angie sucked in her breath with a little shiver. Nick felt the goose bumps as he ran his hand up her arm.
   “Here, take my jacket,” he said, unzipping his jacket.
   “No we can share.” She snuggled into Nick’s open jacket and placed her head on his chest. He put his arms around her and pulled her close. She was warm and smelled sweet, intoxicating, like the flowers that surrounded them. A flock of geese silhouetted in the moonlight honked loudly as they landed just past the fishing dock. It was graceful and serene almost without a sound as they hit the water. This was all so strange to him, overwhelming, beautiful, and peaceful like the place he had found his father. He felt things here, raw and untamed; maybe in dying he had learned how to feel, how to live again. He had a desire that needed to be fulfilled and Angie was the woman who could do it. He put his hand under her chin and looked into her eyes, tiny shards of moonlight danced in their dark blue depths. Angie could see the confusion in his eyes; feel the passion building within him. Her lips parted inviting him to taste. He brushed them lightly and found the sweet spot on her neck. She pulled his head up and kissed him, tongues entwined, tasting, teasing. His hands moved purposefully over her body as though searching for something familiar. A sigh escaped her lips as she lost herself to him. She was his now and there was no turning back.
   “Get a room,” a group of teenagers yelled at the couple. The two separated, both shaken by the intensity of the experience. What was he thinking caught making out like a teenager in public with a woman he barely knew? Angie shivered missing the warmth of his body. Nick took off his coat and wrapped it around her.
   “We should probably get back.” Nick stood and reached out his hand to help her up. Not wanting to break the connection, he pulled her close and kissed her gently. God, how he wanted this woman.
   “I’ll follow you home.” Nick said. After all there was a killer in Brody.
   It was a long tortured night. What he felt for Angie was deep and strong but could there be love to go with the animal lust she stirred in him? Angie was a woman with a passion to match his own. There were so many unanswerable questions. Did his heart still belong to Kathy? He needed closure so he could move on and make a life with a woman who wanted the same simple things he did. 

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  1. I really enjoyed this. It grabbed me. I'm jotting this book down. Dana Taylor

  2. Great excerpt, Jodi! Loved the emotion.