Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nature of the Beast-Nick and Angie and Kathy ... oh my

   Kathy’s knees buckled. She clung tightly to Nick. She looked up at him always amazed that such an incredible man could want her, need her. Even in anger his touch was gentle. She felt her heart breaking because the look in his eyes this time was pity.
   “You’re white as ghost. When’s the last time you ate?” Nick asked angrily already knowing the answer.
    “I don’t know?” she shook her head. For once it was the truth. She didn’t remember the last time she had eaten. All she had thought about was getting to Nick so she could beg his forgiveness, but now pride and fear got in the way.
    “I’m going to take you back to my place and get some food in you. I’ve got to get back here to work. We’ll talk tonight when I get home.” Her heart skipped a beat, he would be coming home to her, just as he always had but this time she’d have to decide the fate of both of them.
    “Okay, you’re the boss,” she said weakly.
    “Wow, you must be sick,” Nick insisted. Where was his wild spitfire that challenged him at every turn?
    Kathy sniffed, blinked her teary eyes and giggled. Nick opened the door and found Angie standing on the other side. He recognized the bag from the café and his mouth watered at the thought.
    “Nick, I heard what happened so I brought you some lunch. I figured you wouldn’t be …” Angie stopped mid-sentence. She recognized Kathy from her movies and the tabloid photos.
    “Thanks Angie.” Nick took the bag of food from her hand. There was an uncomfortable silence as Nick fumbled for words.
    Kathy walked out of the office behind Nick.
    “Angie, this is Kathy Tyler.”
    “Kathy, this is Angie Reynolds.” The two women sized each other up, neither comfortable with what they saw.
    “I’ve enjoyed your movies,” she said to Kathy. I’ve enjoyed your boyfriend as well, she wanted to add. Nick had made no mention of her after all this time. What was she doing here now? Angie smiled inwardly when she saw Kathy’s tear streaked face. The tension was so thick between the two of them, it was palpable. Nick didn’t seem like the kind of man who would forgive her sexual indiscretion.
    “Thanks,” Kathy replied.
    “I’m going to run Kathy out to my place. We’ll talk later. We’ve got to go over the parade details. Angie will be crowned Miss Heritage Days Sunday. We’re going to be riding together in the parade.”
    “Congratulations,” Kathy said to Angie. Leave it to Nick to have the home town beauty after him. Competition was the price you paid for possessing a man like him but up until now she’d never felt threatened but there was something different about this one. She looked at him with a hunger.
    “It’s no big deal. I pretty much win every year,” she said smiling proudly.
    Nick was getting uncomfortable as he felt the tension building between the two women. It was an odd situation to say the least. “We’ll talk later, Angie.” He reached out and patted her arm reassuringly.
    “She’s very pretty,” Kathy remarked when they got into the Jeep.
    “I haven’t noticed,” Nick replied fighting back a grin.
    “Liar, it looks like I got here just in time.” She shot Nick a hurt and angry look. Had she arrived in time or had she already lost him?

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  1. Great exerpt. Love the ending which leaves you wondering what's next.

  2. Tension! I liked it! Love triangles are always fun. Thanks for sharing. =)

  3. “I’ve enjoyed your movies,” she said to Kathy. I’ve enjoyed your boyfriend as well, she wanted to add.

    LOL, hmm. I like her voice. ;)

    Thanks for sharing, and good luck with the sales!